Below is a representative, if brief, selection of scientific publications from members of the Pasta Group. For a comprehensive list of Mauro's publications, please see his Google Scholar profile.

Li, Sha; Zhou, Si; Wang, Xiaochen; Tang, Peng; Pasta, Mauro and Warner, Jamie; Increasing the electrochemical activity of basal plane sites in porous 3D edge rich MoS2 thin films for the hydrogen evolution reaction, Materials Today Energy (2019), 13, 134-144.

Sendek, Austin, Cheon, Gowoon, Pasta, Mauro, Reed, Evan. Quantifying the search for solid Li-ion electrolyte materials by anion: a data-driven perspective, arXiv:1904:08996 (2019).

Wheeler, Samuel; Capone, Isaac; Day, Sarah; Tang, Chiu; Pasta, Mauro; Low Potential Prussian Blue Analogs: Manganese Hexacyanochromate, Chemistry of Materials, (2019), 31 (7), pp 2619–2626.

Capone, Isaac; Hurlbutt, Kevin; Naylor, Andrew J; Xiao, Albert W; Pasta Mauro; Effect of the particle-size distribution on the electrochemical performance of a red phosphorus-carbon composite anode for sodium-ion batteries, Energy & Fuels, (2019), 33 (5), 4651–4658.

Li, Sha; Lee, Ja Kyung; Zhou, Si; *Pasta, Mauro and *Warner, Jamie; Synthesis of surface grown Pt nanoparticles on edge-enriched MoS2 porous thin films for enhancing electrochemical performance, Chemistry of Materials, (2019), 31 (2), pp 387–397.

Hurlbutt, Kevin*; Wheeler, Samuel*; Capone, Isaac; Pasta Mauro; Prussian blue analogs for batteries applications, Joule, (2018), 2 (10), 1950-1960.

Wheeler, Samuel; Hurlbutt, Kevin; Pasta, Mauro; A new solid-state sodium-metal battery, Chem, (2018), 4, 666-668.

Wenshuo, Xu; Sha, Li; Si, Zhou; Lee, Ja Kyung; Wang, Shanshan; Syed, Ghazi Sarwat; Wang, Xiaochen; Bhaskaran, Harish; Pasta, Mauro; Warner, Jamie H; Large dendritic monolayer MoS2grown by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition for electrocatalysis, ACS applied materials & interfaces, (2018), 10, 4630-4639.

Samuels, Thomas; Robertson, Alex; Kim, Heeyeon; Pasta, Mauro; Warner, Jamie; Three-dimensional hybrid multi-layered graphene-CNT catalyst supports via rapid thermal annealing of nickel acetate, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, (2017), 5, 10457–10469.

Li, Sha; Wang, Shanshan; Salamone, Matteo; Robertson, Alex; Nayak, Simantini; Kim, Heeyeon; Tsang, Shik Chi Edman; Pasta, Mauro and Warner, Jamie; Edge enriched 2D MoS2thin films grown by chemical vapor deposition for enhanced catalytic performance, ACS Catalysis, (2017), 7, 877–886.

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